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The new RaceME and RaceMe Pro Tuners for the 6.7 Cummins 2007-2012 
No VAT for US or out of EU Customers
(VAT is a 20% sales tax for EU customers only)
Complete emission system removal allows:
Increases in efficiency of up to 25%
Rear wheel horsepower gains up to 40% with the RaceME 
Rear wheel horsepower gains up to 65% with the RaceME PRO
2007.5-2009 Cab and Chassis models are backed also
2010 models without DEF are supported, 2007 tuner works on that models
2011 to 2012 C&C trucks with DEF are not yet supported
The most features and reliability for the best price
No one can beat us

Read Conditions of Use carefully!!

Take a look at our FAQ section, there we have good tips and solutions to help you

If you having payment problems in the shop:

I already posted the payment problem on the cummins forum, what you have to do is calling your CC issuing bank on the phone as you are ordering. If your payment is declined, your own bank declines it and not my web shop. Some customers reported their bank wants 1% for international transfer's.
Here what customers reported: 
"Just have to make sure your CC allows international transactions. I was also charged an international charge transaction fee. That's on my CC bank end and has nothing to do with the RaceME CC processor".

Or this: "Yes called my bank and they authorized to purchase"

Or this answer: "Yes a call to the credit card company did the trick, though they charge a 1% fee for international, I was glad it went through. I am glad we do not have the close to 20% value added tax that you guys have."


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